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الشروط والأحكام


  • Mobiles are strictly forbidden in school ,If a student is seen with a mobile phone in class or around the school campus during the school time ,the phone will be taken from the student after the second warning and held at the school until the end of the academic year.

  • .Based on the regulation issued by the Saudi Ministry of Education that prohibits taking photos and using mobiles within the school premises, Any student is NOT to violate this rule; otherwise the school has all the right to refer to the authorities in charge and to take all assigned consequences



  • No uniform is permissible other than the school uniform.


  • Girls from grades 5 up to 12 should wear a Abaya and a head scarf while getting in and out of the school



  • In case of infectious diseases, a student ‎should stay at home until completely recovered.‎‎Complying with the Health Ministry’s regulations, a student with chickenpox ‎has to stay at home for not less than two weeks till all symptoms disappear.


  • In case of having health problems, the school must be informed through a medical certificate issued from a reputable medical organization.


  • In case of any other special disease such as  ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD ) the school has the right to reject students’ enrollment.


  • No change in classrooms or sitting system is permitted
  • In case of a parent’s non commitment to taking action regarding his son or daughter’s educational or behavioral  data , the school administration has the right to dismiss the student & report the case to the ministry of education.


  • Any report sent from the school has to be signed by the guardian and sent back to the school promptly.


  • In case of any damage caused to any of the school property by the student, the expenses are to be charged on the student’s guardian.
  • Students should have a complete set of books no later than two days from the beginning of the academic year.


  • Parents are kindly requested to show punctuality in paying the deposits of school fees. In case of being late, a parent is to receive a reminder, and a student will not receive any reports, exam results, or files. Furthermore, the administration will take all the legal and administrative procedures to guarantee fulfilling the school fees
  •      Students will be charged a fine for any damage they cause to any equipment or materials in the School.


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