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سياسة النقل


Students who are not use the school bus adhere to the following rules:

Parents should come to pick up their sons / daughter on time In case of any delay the school Reception should be notified immediately

Parents should call their sons / daughter  on school microphone then wait away from the gate

Parents picking up their son(s) / daughter(s) have to show cooperation as not to block the way in front of school gates and to follow the direction of the school security men.
Parents shouldn’t park their cars in the places assigned for school buses.

In case of any problem with school bus drivers or school security men, parents should contact the school administration and should not try to solve the problem themselves.


Students who use the school bus adhere to the following rules:

In the morning, students should wait for the bus at a safe distance away from the street.

Students should adhere to the seating plan- no change of seating is allowed.

Food and beverage consumption on the bus is not allowed.

Students must remain seated on the bus till the bus come to complete stop before students exit.

Students are not allowed to put their heads or hands outside the window.

Instructions of the bus supervisors should be obeyed at all times.

Students may not instruct or ask the driver to drop them off anywhere other than their designated house.

The event that parents wish to pick up their child prior to the end of the school day, the school administration should be notified no later than 12:00 p.m.,

Parents are requested to provide the school with an accurate home address and contact detailes and notify the school in case the home address or contact detailes have been changed.





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