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مركز مصادر التعلم (LRC)



 SH.I.S  Learning Resources Center  Not just a library

It contains several information resources and their techniques, which the teacher directly deals to acquire searching skills of information, analyze and evaluate to build a new knowledge and experience, then develop them using several learning methods. It also provides services to, facilitate the useful for both teaching and learning.

The purpose of a resource center is to advanced the learning experience of students  in any educational sector.

The learning center implements a group of activities, . Methods of implementation of these activities differs according to educational grades and concentrate on implementation of modem educational and learning methods. Such activities are:

  • Reading activities: aim to sow reading habits those like; summarization and book presentation.


  • Learning activities: these activities are done by student depending on himself to support his learning.


  • Educational activities: these activities are done by teacher to support student learning.


  • Information search: search on internet and using references.


  • Cultural activities: these activities to be done by student in order to improve his cultural level; school radio, seminars, lectures and competition.


  • Cooperative activities: these activities are done by students to help center to achieve its aims as a center group.


  • Social activities: the aim of these activities is community service; like anti-terror activity, anti-smoking etc.





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